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Basket - Wald

Basket - Wald

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Wald has made bike parts in the United States since 1905, and in its current plant in Maysville, Kentucky since 1929. Its bicycle heyday started in the 40s and continued through the late 70s or so, a near 40-year period during which Wald supplied most of the hubs, cranks, handlebars, stems, seat posts, kickstands on tens of millions of Huffy, Murray, and Roadmaster bicycles. Wald has proven more stalwart than thousands of other American companies that have closed their doors or opened new ones overseas. It is a true American classic.

But all that aside, Wald baskets are the best I've seen, and I've seen lots of good baskets. The Walds, though, not only work right, but they look right, and they're light. The baskets are squares, not ovals, for more efficient packing. The mesh is airy, for less wind resistance when it's empty, and to minimize weight. The welds are solid and so smooth, you can carry water balloons in them without fear of nicking. Wald makes about a gazillion models, but we sell only the ones most suited to our bikes and the way we use baskets. Just one style in two sizes. Lash them (mounting hardware NOT included; just use zip ties) onto most any rack or saddlebag support, and you're ready for action. Don't forget to use a net, too.


The HUGE one is 13" x 18" x 6", weighs 1.6 pounds and holds two grocery bags side-by-side. 

The MEDIUM one is 9.75" x 14.75" x 4.5", weighs 1.14lbs, and doesn't hold as much. Look at the newspaper in the photo above, and you'll get a good enough feel.

Use thick zip-ties, four to six, and triple- and quadruple-wrap them. It's kind of a hassle, but it takes only about five minutes, and makes the basket nearly theft-proof. Clip the ends if you like.

Sun Chase from Rivendell Bicycle Works on Vimeo.

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