Wald Bosco Basket




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Wald BOSCO Basket
Wald calls it the Multi-Fit, but we got it for the CLEM’s Bosco bars, hence our name. Unlike the other two Walds we stock, this beaut attaches to a flat section of handlebar (Bosco bars have that) and the front hub axles, via quick-release or nuts—so as long as you don’t have a newfangled “through-axle,” you’re all set.
The stays are adjustable, so you can level the basket. The bar-attachment is plush and secure, and the basket part holds about a grocery bag’s load.
It tapers down some, with the bottom 7.5 x 12.5, flaring out to 9.5 x 14 at the rim. That’s big enough for granny’s too-big junk purse and a whomping pair of rain boots. With a stretchy Captain Hook net over the top of it, you can overfill it with zeal and head out to your cabin. This, like all Wald baskets, is way under priced for what it does and what it fits. Just make sure you have at least 3.5-inches of straight handlebar to clamp it onto. Not that, no worko.

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