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Pedals - Clem Smith

Pedals - Clem Smith

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We first got these as the original equipment pedal on on CLEM SMITH JR bike, but now we’ve come to think of them as the best plastic pedal in the world. Here's why:

•  Big broad ten-spiked platform of some kind of resin or plastic that seems to last;

•  Short top-to-bottom, because thin beats thick in pedals;

•  Super deluxe strong axle with smooth sealed bearings. The same axle-bearing rig as on the same company’s (VP’s) $80 pedals; (4) Reflectors!

They weight under 300g, which isn’t all that important, but it doesn’t hurt.
Made in Taiwan by Victor, Taiwan’s top pedal maker. If you have any doubts about pedaling on platform pedals like poor people all over the world do, get these, try them for a ride, and you'll be hooked.


length - 10cm

width - 9cm

thinness - 18mm (not including the 3mm spikes)

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