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Tool - Frame Tap

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 We don't tap every eyelet on frames when we prep them; it's good to leave a little paint in there to prevent rust and there's no sense in tapping them unless they're going to get used. There's a lot of eyelets on Rivendells, and most of our customers don't use even half of them.

So if you decide you want to add fenders to your Riv and we didn't put them on from the get-go, you should invest in a tap to chase the paint out of there first. It'll make the install way smoother and these will come in handy later for all types of bike stuff.

Please for the love of Zeus make sure they're going in straight. Generally you don't have to thread them all the way through, just get the paint out of the first half of the threads and the bolt will do the rest. You can make things complicated if these aren't used properly, so please exercise caution.


M5 x 0.8 (Park item # Tap-8): for use with water bottle, toe clip, fender and rack bosses. This one will get the most use.

M6 x 1 (Park item # Tap-9): for cantilever brakes, large fender bosses, and the burly eyelets on Riv dropouts for load bearing racks. 

Not sure if a Riv eyelet is M6 or M5? Call us. 

Tap handle (Park item # TH-1): fits most metric taps from M1.6 – M8


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