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Shifter - Thumbshifter - Sunrace LEFTSIDE OUTER, RIGHTSIDE INNER

Shifter - Thumbshifter - Sunrace LEFTSIDE OUTER, RIGHTSIDE INNER

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If you want to mount these on the inside of the bar like in the video below, buy this one for the right side.

SUNRACE One-At-a-Time Thumb Shifter, Left side outer, RIGHT SIDE INNER

These are taking the Inner Circles of RIV HQ by storm, and” here’s why we like them:
• All metal, aluminum mostly. There may be a drop of steel in there.
• Nice enough looking for any bike.
• You can shift the lever on the body to accommodate various locations on assorted bars, still keeping a good cable angle going out of it. Got that?

Trivia and Use
Trivia: These are actually made for shifting Sturmey archer internal gear hubs (SunRace bought Sturmey-Archer several years ago). We figured out that — easily and slickly and with no monkey business, but just a slight factory switcheroo, they work with derailer gears. At first we thought this required mounting the right one on the inside of the bar and lefty on the outside, but then Spencer here figured out that a SunRace right bar-end shifter lever on a left SunRace pod allowed perfect symmetry, as though it were ordained from on high. SunRace was delighted, too.

Use: They click but don’t index. Out of the package and not on a bike, they click about 18 times. In the span of shifting over a 9-sp cassette, they click about 13 times. This sounds trick or confusing, but it isn’t at all. Like a with a pure friction shifter, you move the lever til the shift is made. With these levers, the first three clicks coincide with the small three cogs. After that, it takes two clicks to get the subsequent cogs.
Now, I totally understand if this weirds you out, but don’t run away so fast—nobody on Planet Earth has shifted these levers even 1/20th as much as I have, and I’m telling you, it is a cinch. In the mid and upper range, one click isn’t enough, but two clicks are.

We heartily, joyously, merrily, and sincerely recommend these shifters to all but the most extreme hand-wringers!

If you already have this shifter and want to use one of our Silver Shifters on the mount, unscrew the tension bolt with a 4mm allen, find the piece below and file the nub off. Not the whole raised square part! Just the nub please.

These guys are sold one-at-a-time in case you wanna do the no front derailer, only rear derailer, 1 x thing. Derailer cable Not included.
22.2mm clamp diameter. Mountain standard.

Get it as a bar ender here.

Check out how we like to mount these on Bosco's & Albatross handlebars.

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