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Shifters - Bar End - Sunrace Single

Shifters - Bar End - Sunrace Single

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SUNRACE One-at-a-time Bar-end shifter

Please read the “USE” section of the thumbshifters, right HEREor AQUI.

Sometimes you need only one bar-end shifter, and we’ve broken up sets five too many times for that nonsense, so just get one of these. They click but don’t strictly index (they function like
friction, but make some noise). Excellent quality, a great budget option, and don’t be scared by the B word, there. If we didn’t endorse and like them, we wouldn’t offer them.

Can pull enough cable for a triple front derailer or a 9s rear derailer so if you want these for your bike that has a front and rear derailer you need to buy TWO of these.

These are sold one-at-a-time in case you wanna do the no front derailer, only rear derailer, 1 x thing. Derailer cable Not included.

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