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Cow Gloves, Lightly padded

Cow Gloves, Lightly padded

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Cow Gloves, Lightly padded

Our grooviest gloves are the unpadded and undyed but vegetable-tanned slightly pinkish goat-hide gloves. But there are reasonable riders out there who like a little padding. The padded summer gloves in our recent past always felt too thick to me, but people liked them. They were well-made, but the sizing funkadelic. A medium-sized hand needed an XL, and so on. I still don’t like the suggestion that padded glove bring to the table—that the way to solve hand problems is with gloves. I think gloves can soak up sweat, and serve as a wipe-rag if your face is dripping sweat, and protect your hands in a sliding, hands-down crash. But if you think padded gloves will solve your hand problems, what you really need are higher handlebars.

BUT, these are exceptionally nice and nicely lightly padded gloves. The cotton backs are “natural” colored, and fashion sites would call the leather color* “redwood,” but as the images show, it’s a brown with a bit of orange, a lot like Brooks honey brown leather saddles. I hope the dye is color-fast, because these are super nice gloves. The best padded gloves I’ve seen. The original Canondale gloves were super, but too stiff. These beat them. 

Get your usual bike glove size.  Not sure what size to get? Buy big. Looseness just makes them easier to take off, and doesn't hurt anything in use.

*NOTE: These gloves are lined with black fabric to prevent the honey color from staining your hands but please wash with dark colors in the machine, or on their own in a pale, just in case.

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