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Stem - Nitto 90-190

Stem - Nitto 90-190

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Bar clamp diameter

Nitto 90-190 stem

Pronounced ninety one-ninety.

It may sound like police code, like 5150, but it's really a description of the stem. These have a 90 degree angles and 190mm quills, 20 degrees more acute and 35mm less tall than our tig and fillet faceplaters. This is the faceplate stem to get if you don't need the bars jacked up maximally or if you have a small headtube bike and the 225mm quills bottom out before you get the bars low enough. The smallux would work for the latter too, but those are 26.0 and rated for road use only. 

A 90 degree angle means when you put it on a bike with a headtube angle less than that, the horizontal extension points upwards a little bit. That, combined with the 190mm quill, means this less-tall-than-the-others stem still gets the bars way up there, especially if you're installing it on one of our bikes with higher bars baked into the frame design. 

There are four lengths: 60, 85, 110, and 135mm; and two clamp diameters: 25.4, and 31.8. If you want to use one with a Noodle bar, shim a 31.8'r down or wait for our forthcoming 25.4 Noodles (although it might be awhile). Each stem length is effectively slightly shorter than what's listed because of the upward angle.

Here are some suggestions on what lengths to buy for our bars, although you're on your own ultimately. It's impossible to say definitively what size people should get because everybody is built differently, everybody has different fit preferences, and everybody is riding different bikes.

Bosco, Tosco, Billie, Losco, and Choco: 110 for long top tube bikes, 135 for road bikes.

Albatross: 85 for long top tube bikes, 110 for road bikes.

Albastache: 60 for basically everything, since it's a bar designed for "choking up". 85 if you're long in the torso and often feel scrunched up on bikes. 

Wavie: 85 if you like being a little stretched out, 60 if you want to sit upright

Noodle bar: 60 is safest. 85 will work if you're used to drop bars farther away. 110 possibly if you're using a 120mm 3T Mutant stem on your old Colnago Master and just want to switch to 31.8mm drops.

When in doubt, go shorter. 

Other relevant info:

These grip upright bars better than the Tallux stems; get one of these if you're riding a swept back bar on trails. 

Tighten each M5 bolt 6 newton meters, and alternate between the bolts as you tighten them up for an even distribution of clampin' force. Here's a $30 tool for that.

There's 125mm of quill above the max height line.

The 85mm 31.8 stem weighs 413.5 grams in the plastic packaging. 

If you can't decide between sizes, just get the shorter one. 

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