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Soap, Charcoal, Grandpa

Soap, Charcoal, Grandpa

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Grandpa’s Charcoal soap— one 4.25oz cake

In keeping with our focus on rock-and-dirt colored soaps, and based on a tip from a customer and my subsequent own experience, we now offer gray charcoal soap, made by the same fine folks or however that goes, that make Grandpa's Pine Tar soap.

The customer and his son both tried this and said in so many words that it's the cat's pajamas for hair. I/Grant have washed my hair with mostly any old pine tar soap, and the Lord Olivier Liquor-ice soap, for the past 30 years. And my skin, and all that, too.  They work well for me, but this customer who recommended I try this sent me a bar, and I like it. I like soaps in general, I like to alternate, mix, I don't "lock in," and I'm happy to play the soap field...but my soap standards are high, and this one fits right in. 

it doesn't have a strong flavor, and it's not as dark as you'd expect, given it's called "charcoal" soap. But it does have genuine charcoal as an ingredient, and charcoal is supposed to be a major anti-stink agent. At that to the way is does a number on your hair, and you'll like it. In my shower at home, I have pine tar-liquorice, and now this charcoal soap. I never know what I'm going to use. Sometimes I use one for left armpit, another for right, another for other parts, and any one of them for hair. I can' say I noticed a marked diff in hair smoothness with the charcoal soap, but it's no worse, and you ought to give it a try.

Footnote for vegans/vegetarians: Grandpa's removed the tallow from their recipe a few years ago. No phthalates, sulfates, parabens, EDTA, glutens, artificial fragrances or colorants; vegan + cruelty free.


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