Snow Peak Titanium Plate



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You should get the bowl first, and then the spork. Once you have those, this is the next step in the continuum; and for many, the final. Like the spork and bowl, this plate is featherlight and likely lifetime-lasting. It's just over 7 inches across and weighs just 2.2 ounces. So it's on the small side, but I tend to eat a lot and don't have a problem with it. You'll fill it to the rim, for sure. You'll never break it as you wash it. No fear of dropping it. For bike trips, it's nearly a no-brainer. It weighs 1/100th of a gram, or feels that way, and it slides into even fully stuffed bags. At $18, it's kind of pricey, but have you priced non-China made titanium plates lately? This one's not at the top of the list. Made in Japan, so you know it's the best of its kind. Eighteen dollars for a lifetime of whatever you put on it.

The one photo shows the effect of heating a bar plate on the stove. Titanium goes rainbowy when you do that, heavy on the purple. You can personalize your plates.
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