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Woolywarm Aussie Sleeveless T

Woolywarm Aussie Sleeveless T

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The most useful, least exciting to buy, and underrated garment we sell. You can wear it over or under any shirt. Under is the more obvious way, but over lets you strip off a torso layer if you get too hot. Wearing it on top of another shirt--wool or anything else--lets you get away with wearing that shirt two days in a row, at least.

Excellent solo shirt for strenous exercise, or just hanging out, under another shirt. As an undershirt, it may last fifteen years.

Material: 100% pure Australian Merino wool, interlock knit, middleweight.

FIT: AMERIBEAN: We copied L.L. Bean's shape,'s cut full.

Washing: Machine washable and dryable, but air-dry it overnight. 

Made in Australia.

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