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Shimano Tiagra Road Brake Levers - 15091

Shimano Tiagra Road Brake Levers - 15091

This lever has 95 percent of the looks and quality of the aero Dura Ace brake levers but costs about 60 percent as much. As aero levers come, they don't get any easier than these; and the grip size and shape is eerily perfect for every hand on earth. The only blatantly cheap thing is the plastic whatchamacallit between the rubber hood and the lever. It doesn't do any harm, and it doesn't look bad, but it is plastic nonetheless. Forget about it if you want nice aero brake levers that you'll love the instant you put your hands on them, get these.

Includes cables and black housing.

Clamp diameter is 23.8mm, like all other Road bike type brake levers, for use on Moustache or drop type style bars. Will Not work on Mt. bike or Albatross or Dove style bars since those have a 22.2mm brake clamp diameter. This is not to be confused with stem clamp diameter which is a totally different thing.

Sold per pair.

Get your replacement hood right here.

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