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Shifters - Bar End - Shimano Dura Ace, 9 Speed

Shifters - Bar End - Shimano Dura Ace, 9 Speed

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Shimano's best bar-end shifters, the Dura-Ace's, index only with 9-speed Shimano or Sram cassettes and work with a friction mode, too----so if the "good enough" isn't good enough, throw it into friction, cowboy, and ride away.

Then if later on you graduate to friction only forever and you don't even want the indexing option (sort of like shooting a film camera without a light meter, but way, way easier)---and you want to get the smoothests, best friction in the Universe, just get our Silver downtube shifters and bolt them on to the Shimano shifter pods that are already stuck in your handlebars. No need to buy any additional hardware. Great for touring, commuting, anything, and they also convert to thumb-shifters when you mount them onto Paul's Thumbies.

Includes cables, housing, and downtube cable stops but if you're gonna use these shifters with an Albatross bar and your bike is 58cm or bigger then you'll probably need our extra long shifter cables and housing.

Here is an instructional video of Mark mounting a 9 speed Shimano Bar end to bar-end pods. It also includes how to install bar-end pods.

Shimano part number: ISLBS77H

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