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Shifter Incidentals Kit

Shifter Incidentals Kit

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This kit contains one super long 7 foot 2 inch (2.2 meter) length of housing and one tandem length (3 meter) and one normal length (2 meter) derailleur cables. Reserve Mr. Long for the rear derailer (some of our bikes, with some of our handlebars and bar-endshifters require it, although you'll end of cutting a lot). Remember, or hear for the first time, that for smooth cable movement, it's better for your housing to be a little too long rather than a little too short.

Cable end caps and way-more-metal-housing-ferrules-than-you-actually-need-because you'll lose one.

Housing is Yokozuna brand, Japanese made, lead and dioxin free.

Important: If you're assembling one of our big bikes, like a 60cm Gus or 64cm Clem, get a tandem length shift cable here.

For Brake Cable and Housing kit click here.

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