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Shifter Cable and Housing Kit - 17136

Shifter Cable and Housing Kit - 17136

This kit contains one super long 7 foot 2 inch (2.2 meter) length of housing and one tandem length (3 meter) and one normal length (2 meter) derailleur cables. Big bikes (58cm and up) that use high and wide bars with bar end shifters (like the Albatross or Bosco or Albastache) frequently require a tandem length derailleur cable to reach the rear. Remember, for smooth cable movement, it's better for your housing to be a little too long rather than a little too short.

Cable end caps and way-more-metal-housing-ferrules-than-you-actually-need-because-you-know-you'll-drop-at-least-one-or-two also included.

Housing is Yokozuna brand, Japanese made, lead and dioxin free.

Important! If you have a 60cm Cheviot or one of our other long-stay bikes, the cable in this kit isn't long enough to reach the rear derailleur. You need a tandem length cable. Your local bike shop has 'em and we might too. Give us a call.

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