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Shift Housing by the foot, Grey

Shift Housing by the foot, Grey

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Shift / derailleur housing. Grey to match with everything but to be different from black. Teflon lined on the inside. 4 mm diameter. For index or friction shifters. 

No cables, no housing ferrules, no cable end tips. Just. Housing.

Jagwire brand housing photographed but brand (Jagwire or Shimano) may change depending on availability.


Note: the color of grey housing we sell varies depending on brand.

Jagwire - ice grey, a shiny darkish grey
Shimano - grey, a matte darkish grey

The Jagwire and Shimano are very similar in dark greyish tone but they are not an exact match. If the particular brand and color matter to you a lot, please go to your LBS and buy housing there instead.

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