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Seat Post - IRD WayBack, 250mm

Seat Post - IRD WayBack, 250mm

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Seatpost Size

IRD Way Back


A seatpost designed to help enhance seat adjustability on either saddles with very short rails or frames that are a little too small.
Allows your saddle to be set back 50mm (2 inches!).

- Aluminum head and rocker
- Single bolt design
- Tange Prestige CrMo steel shaft

This seatpost grows in diameter near the top of the post, so you won't be able to "slam it" like you can with our Nitto posts. The minimum amount of post is about five inches, measured to the middle of the clamp when it's in the slackest position. It expands right where the decals on the post are.

Available in black or silver

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