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Dynamo tail light wire

Dynamo tail light wire

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Three types of dyno tail light wire for you to choose from:

-Schmidt co-axial tail light wire; with or without female connectors attached

-Busch & Müller's tail light wire


Schmidt's over-the-top, heavy-duty, co-axial version of bike light wiring for attaching a dynamo-powered taillight to a dyno headlight.

NOTE: Works as-is with the B&M Luxos and Toplights we sell but Schmidt Edelux owners will need to replace the hub-end spades with the Schmidt size. It's coaxial so stronger and thicker than the cheap wire sets, but worth it if your bike takes a pounding or it's really nice and cheap wire would ruin the "look."

-The kind with pre-installed connectors on both ends so it's easy to set up with the headlight and tail light we sell. Luxos + this wire set + the Dyno rack light and you're all set for Euro style commuting.

- Connectors attached on one side, bare wire on the other, 2 connectors, and heat-shrink tubing included.

 74.75" (190cm) long


Busch & Müller's tail light wire

Double Strand wire with female connectors on one end, bare wire on the other.

Get it for the toplight line small,  toplight line brake plus, etc..

 81.5" (210cm) long

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