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Saddle - Brooks B17s (short), Classic

Saddle - Brooks B17s (short), Classic

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B17 Short, Classic

This is the basic Brooks B.17s, and is just as comfy as any of them, and just as durable. It costs less than the B.17 Special because it lacks the hand-cutting ( skiving ) on the lower edge of the flap, but who cares?

And the rivets are silver and set in there by a machine, instead of being copper and pounded by a hammer-wielding guy with large, tattooed forearms. It's 17cm wide. It is the best all-around Brooks model, and the one that makes Brooks so famous and popular these days. If you sit really upright, consider another model (like the B67). But for general sportsy-type riding, this is the one we prefer, and this basic model is the cheapest way to get it.


The "S" version is not as long as the non-s type, which is better for shorter people and looks nicer (not as huge and out of proportion) on smaller bikes. It also says "Ladies" somewhere on the box, so if you're a dudebro that can't handle "ladies" things, do not buy this saddle, get the non-S version.

Length: 242 mm
Width: 176 mm
Height: 58 mm
Weight: 460 g

Black or Honey


 Register your Brooks leather saddle  HERE within 3 months of purchase to extend the 2 year warranty to 10 years.


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