SADDLE 182.55 (Plastic, vegan, comfortable)

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For those who don't, hate cows AND like to ride with saddlebags AND want a weatherproof, comfortable, saddle for a more or less upright riding position, this is your holy grail. It's our own design, and after four prototypes, we nailed it to high heaven.

It's 182.55mm wide (a B.17 is 170mm, so this is about 1/2-inch wider). It has a flat supportive area for good sit-bone support. The cushion is thin and firm, but still works. It weighs 380g, about 2.5oz less than a B.17. We're not going to start caring about a few grams here and there, but you might wonder, and now you know.

The saddlebag loops are suspiciously similar to those on Selle Anatomica saddles, in that they include a loop between them, and Selle Italia has the loop for lightness or some other non-functional reason, but we put it there so, if you've overstuffed a too-big-for-your-bike saddlebag and it's rubbing on the tire because you don't have a rack or fender (I/Grant have done this dozens of time), the middle loop allows you to run a strap thru it and around the back, and cinch the sucker up and off the tire.)