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SADDLE 182.55 (Plastic, vegan, comfortable)

SADDLE 182.55 (Plastic, vegan, comfortable)

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Plastic saddle designed by Riv

Our own design, every detail, made in China, $50, and after four prototypes and small changes, it came out perfect. It's a cheap (price) dialed-in, high-quality plastic saddle with the world's best saddlebag loops. If you want a weatherproof, comfortable, saddle for a more or less upright riding position, and one you don't have to worry about it getting wet or stolen, this is your holy grail. 

Nose it up about 10 to 15 degrees. This adds about 25 percent more comfort.

It's 182.55mm wide, or 7.2-inches (about 1/2-inch wider than a B.17). It has a flat supportive area for good sit-bone support, and a slot that's wide enough and deep enough to reduce pressure and rubbing on your penile nerves or labia. The cushion is thin and firm, but still works.  It weighs 380g / 13.4oz—about 2.5oz less than a B.17. We're not going to start caring about a few grams here and there, but we didn't do anything dumb to get it light. It actually has the best plastic and best foam and best top-to-frame connection on the menu of options.

If you carry saddlebags a lot or just want a comfortable less stealable, somewhat affordable saddle for your non-Brooksed bikes, give one a try.

Dark gray. Custom for us.

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