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Sackville Saddlebag Kangaroo Pouch



Product Details

We consider this essential, because it’s so convenient on these saddlebags. It used to come standard, but jacked up the price more, and other saddlebags don’t come standard with removable groovy little labor/material intensive pouches, so it made apples-to-apples comparisons unfair. Now you buy it, and we have them in the same colors as our bags—but be groovy and go contrasty!

Made to snap onto our SaddleSack Large, BaggaBond, BagBoy, SaddleSack Medium or whatever bag that gots d-rings or loops 9.25" apart.

Dimensions: 10.75" x 7"

FABRIC: All Sackville bags are made from Scottish cotton that is more tightly woven than any waxed cotton made in America. The gaps between threads are so small it hardly needs any wax, and with less wax, it stays much cleaner. Normal-common-American waxed cotton is more coarsely woven, so needs a heavier coating of wax. The extra wax on the coarse fabric isn't as waterproof, and picks up and holds dirt, so after a couple of years, it looks like an old railroad tie coated with creosote.


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