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Hubs - Rivendell Seven Speed

Hubs - Rivendell Seven Speed

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These have a shorter freehub body designed specifically to be used with seven speed cassettes. Seven speed cassettes work fine on 9/10/11 speed hubs with spacers behind them, but it's nice to slide a cassette on with nothing behind it and these hubs have the advantage of having less dish than a hub with a longer freehub body. Less dish makes for a stronger wheel, so these are a good choice for trail bikes or heavier riders. Actually, they're good for anything, really. Maybe not for the peloton where you have to sync up to everybody else, but who's doing that and considering a move to seven speed?

Like our Silver hub, they have super quick engagement, cold forged shells, steel freehub bodies and our logo laser etched on.

I (Will) am using a sample green hub with a 11-32 cassette on my Susie and it's been great. If you're the type to shift with your legs rather than up and down the cassette for every undulation in the road, seven speed is perfect. If you're used to 11 speed cassettes, or tighter ranged 9 speeders, you'll notice the bigger jump in between cogs, but it's easy to get used to. My previous Susie set up was a 2 x 1, so having seven cogs feels luxurious. 

 314 grams


Axle Spacing

Left flange diameter

Right flange diameter

Center to left flange

Center to right flange






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