Rim Tape - Blue
Rim Tape - Blue
Rim Tape - Blue

Rim Tape - Blue

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Blue, lightweight, plastic rim tape, sold one roll at a time. One 11 meter roll is plenty to double wrap two 700c / 29er / 622 rims (or smaller).

Pick either  21mm or 24mm wide tape.

For tubed or tubeless wheelsets.

Note: some tubeless ready rims (such as the Velocity A23, Cliff hanger, etc) require tape like this even if you use tubes.  If you're using tubes with cotton rim tape and you notice that your tires are really hard to get on the rim then super thin rim tape like this may make it easier to get tires on the rim.



21mm width for Velocity Fusion, Deep V, A23, A23oc, Blunt SS, Dyad, Chukker, and Cliffhanger rims.

24mm width for Velocity Quill, Aileron, Blunt 35, Dually, Atlas, and NoBS rims.

Use two layers of tape for high (>45psi) pressure.

Wrap edge to edge on the Blunt SS, Blunt 35, and the Cliffhanger rims.

Installation is easy, requiring only a small punch and sharp scissors.