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Resurrectio Decals

Resurrectio Decals

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Fixin' up that special old frame can be lots of fun. These decals are the final touch to the new paint job. Two downtube decals, one seat tube decal, and a head tube sticker comprise the set.  For best results, stick the downtube decals a bit closer to the headtube, not centered on the downtube exactly in between the bb and headtube.

Make up a weird story about the fancy famous rare Resurrectio Cycles brand when someone asks you about your spiffy new bike. The head and seat tube designs look a little like crop circles so maybe use that idea as your starting point.

Two styles to choose from:

UNDER style are thin and meant to be applied to the paint after it dries but before you clear coat the frame.

OVER type stickers are thicker, more durable, in case you don't clear coat the paint job or you just want the stickers on top of the clear coat for whatever reason.

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