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Saddle Cover - By Randi Jo, fits Brooks saddles

Saddle Cover - By Randi Jo, fits Brooks saddles

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Randi Jo Fabrications Saddle Covers

The thing that kills leather saddles the most is wetness, and this Oregon-made cover protects your leather from the weather and butt sweat while simultaneously making it less attractive to saddle thieves.

Randi Jo rides and uses one of these herself, and has figured out the details to make it fit Brooks saddles, even leaving the loops free for saddlebags.

Does it fit other leather saddles?  Probably, but we don't test it on others, because all we have are Brooks saddles. Don't leave it on all the time unless it rains all the time. But good to have in wet weather, for sure.

Grey only. Goes with everything, and has cutaways for the saddlebag loops.

Two sizes:

- Narrow fits Brooks B.17 and Flyer.
- Wide fits Brooks B.66, B.67, B.67, B68, B.72.


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