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Genuine Japanese Grips (pair)

Genuine Japanese Grips (pair)

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Two Genuine Japanese Grips

Made by OGK, the grip-, helmet-, child-seat, and assorted plastic-and-metal oddball bicycle accessories manufacturer of all of Japan. Pure Japanese trustworthy, no-frills, functionall perfect stuff. OGK dabbles only slightly in trends, and doesn’t wander from its core products. I LOVE OGK. We’re lucky to have it.

I’ve looked at all every grip they currently make, and am happy to bring you the cream of them all. Both are about 4.3-inches, and that’s another thing to like about them: Big enough for any hand, but they don’t eat up handlebar space that’s better used for a second grab-station (in front of the brakes or shifters). Most factory-made rubber grips are 120 to 130mm long, which works on straight bars, but is too long (I would say, sane people might disagree) for swept-back models, especially the Albatross, Choco, Bosco, and Tosco.

Two models, equally good, a vanilla or chocolate kind of choice, as follows:

The ERGOFINGER 2-TONE is a two-tone gray (dark and light) with subtle under-ridges for your fingers. They don’t make a world of difference, but sometimes the ridges are fun to play with on everyday rides. They give your hands something to do. 

The PLAIN is a plain, slightly tapered all-gray cylinder, fatter in back so your hand doesn’t fly off.  Open end: 28mm.  Closed end: 32mm.

Mounting: Lube bar with hairspray or alcohol-based hand cleaner like Purel. Put a bit inside the grip, too. Slide on fast before it seizes up. See the ESI video below.



Smooth: 111mm (4-3/8")

Finger Groove: 115mm (4-3/4")


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