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White Industries DOS Freewheel

White Industries DOS Freewheel

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It's a two-cog freewheel for Quickbeam / Simpleone / Roaduno and other single-speed bikes. Machined, precise, smooth, sealed, quiet, perfect, and pretty. After seeing how much it costs, you might think it wins the prize for the most dollars per cog of any freewheel ever made, but you'd be wrong there; White Industries also makes a single-speed freewheel that's a little cheaper. If you ride your derailleur-less bike a lot and in hilly places, it's a good toy. Changing gears with hands is a cinch. Available in 16x18, 17x19, and now 20x22.


Note:  The 16x19 is recommended only for our Quickbeam / Simpleone / Roaduno since the large cog difference results in lots of wheel movement to take up the chain slack.  Only our Quickbeam / Simpleone, with their special angled dropout, can handle that much wheelbase change without the brake pads getting too out of place in relationship to the rims.

Check out our gear inch calculator if you want to fine tune your gearing.

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