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Grundens Rain Hat

Grundens Rain Hat

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Grundens Rain Hats

This style hat is usually called a Sou'wester, and Grundens are the best in the world. Sou'westers were designed about 200 years ago by fishermen, and this current design is identical.

The Big Diff is the Fabric. It's basically a yellow slicker hat, but the molecular-chemical compound is Grundens's own, and they've been popping them out this way for 40 or 50 years now, no need to change.

The long tail sheds water so it doesn't run down your neck. The gutter front directs it away from your face. The overall shape is aerodynamic so the wind doesn't catch it, and just in case it does, ear flaps connected by a chin strap keep it on your head. Not good for time-trialling, however.

Although Grundens is a Swedish company, these are made in Portugal, and have been for 30 years, after the Swedish factory burned down. Plus, a big portion of Grundens's market is Portugese fishermen. They, and not Leif Erikson and definitely not Columbus or even Amerigo Vespucci discovered the continent we live on, in the early1400's on their cod-fishing journeys. Cod were big money back then, and they didn't want to spill the beans on their fishing grounds, so they clammed up and never got credit. Anyway, this is the hat they'd have worn back then if they had the chance.

Sold almost exclusively in marine shops, where customers are serious, tend to be rich, and therefore aren't always looking for the cheapest imaginable price. A flannel-like lining adds a smack of coziness.

I've owned one for 30 years (a Grundens), and this one is better than mine. It is impossible to get wet head of hair while wearing this hat.

Small 22” around or hat size 6 ¾ - 7
Medium 23” around or hat size 7 – 7 3/8
Large 24” around or hat size 7 3/8 – 7 ¾
Xlarge 25” around or hat size 7 ¾ -8 ¼

Handy hat sizing chart.
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