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Nitto Saddlebag Wire Guard

Nitto Saddlebag Wire Guard

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Sometimes some saddlebags sit scarily close to brake wires, and although nothing horribly bad happens immediately if the wire rubs the bag, over time it'll abrade a hole in it, and nobody wants that. In some cases the wire won't hit the bag, but part of the brake does, and that's less than ideal.

Some racks have loops that block the bag and make things good -- that's what the loop on the rack does -- but sometimes you have a big bag and no rack, and in a case like that, this wire bugger will save the bag, the day, and your disposition.

It's artfullly made of stainless steel wire with strategically placed rubbery covers to protect your bike's paint. Installation is a cinch. It weighs nothing. It'll never pop off, and is does exactly what it's supposed to do, wonderfully. Kind of a lot of loot for a little wiry thing, but in the planning of it, no big committee sat down at the table to discuss how they could make it cheaper, or worse and still have it perform half decently. No, this piece is another Nitto wonder, and is priced accordingly.

Compatible and good to use with the Pletscher, or if you just rely on fenders to keep the bag out of the wheel.

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