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Seat Post - Nitto S83

Seat Post - Nitto S83

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Two bolt posts are usually overkill, but people generally like overkill, and on the other hand, sometimes they aren't overkill at all. They hold the saddle more securely than one bolt posts, but that fact suggests that Nitto's most popular post, the one-bolt Crystal Fellow, is minorly inferior, and it isn't. Here's what we think: Get the S-83 two-bolter if you weigh over 215 pounds and/or ride off-road and due to operator error or slow learning, you come down hard on the saddle often. Get the one-bolt Crystal Fellow if you don't. And if you weigh less than 240 and we're out of one, just get the other. It'll be fine. Nitto makes the best seat posts in the world.

Offset is about 20mm from center of post to center of cradle.
You shouldn't care, but the weight is 284.4 grams.

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