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Nitto Brake Hangers / Key Fob

Nitto Brake Hangers / Key Fob

Nitto rear brake hangers / key fobs

They hang from the seat binder bolt and are necessary if you're using canti or centerpull brakes on a frame that doesn't have a built-in housing stop. We don't put those on most of our bikes, for instance. It's not to lower manufacturing costs, either. We just like separate hangers, like these.

There are cable hangers with more details (barrel adjusters), and there are lighter ones and more complicated ones (with quick releases and pulleys)....but none stops the cable more securely than these or looks as nice doing it. I
Two types: BIG PLAIN: Steel and brazed and plated with Nitto's signature "dull-bright" nickel. Slotted to make it easy to disconnect and make lots of slack. 62mm total length. Barrel adjuster not included but it's not necessary anyways. The binder bolt hole is about 8.2mm in diameter, so it fits all reasonable binders. There is minimal metal around the hole, so even if your binder is super close to the post, it should be no problem. If it is, meet your new key fob.
SHORT FANCY: about 39mm long, super shiny chrome plated steel wire. Like a paper clip and about as light. Barrel adjuster is included and the hanger's threaded but not slotted. It's not like you neeeeeed an adjuster. Often there's one on the brake lever; sometimes there's one on the brake itself; and even if there's no adjuster within five miles, it's easy enough to loosen the pinch bolt, re-snug the cable, and go on your way. BUT cable adjusters don't make life with bike noticeably worse, either, and if you like them on your cable hangers, this is the hanger for you.

Both styles work great, don't wrestle too hard here. Go by looks. These are truly fine pieces of metal, as fine as anything Nitto makes, just a lot simpler and more affordable than most.

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