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Handlebar - Nitto Boscomoose, CroMo dullbrite (B909) - quill

Handlebar - Nitto Boscomoose, CroMo dullbrite (B909) - quill

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The Bosco bar, in any width and in any variation (Bullmoose or Nomoose) proves that you can be supremely comfortable and not just mosey around like a sloth. These are as fast as any handlebar, in the sense that they offer stupendously ergonomic grippling whether you're sitting back on a steep downhill trying to keep from doing an endo, or off the saddle sprinting or aggressively climbing a hill.
There's even a time trial ultraspeed position for when you have no cushion on your way to work and you're fired if you're late one more time. One bar to rule them all.
Here’s how it’s different:
Higher rise even than Albatross bar. Grip is about four inches above the stem—almost twice as high as the Albatross grip. If you find the Albatross grip plenty high enough, don’t give the Bosco Bar points for being even higher.
It comes back a lot. Way back. So far back that it’s probably too much retreat for a normal road bike, but could be ideal for a mountain bike.
It’s straight on each side of the stem, so you get a good, natural time-trial position (also good for fast riding anywhere). The Bullmoosey version has its own built-in stem, but the V-part still allows a good grip.

Best for:
- Longish top tube bikes and upright riding. Mountain bike conversions to supa-comfee cruisers.
- Making too-small bikes fit and feel better. Know somebody---maybe your girlfriend or wife---who (like my wife used to) still “holds” the handlebar with her fingertips? The Bosco Bar will fix that instantly.
- If you have one of those iBert child seats and you find yourself awkwardly reaching about the child, this bar will fix that, too.

Worst for:
- Short top tube bikes. Go with an Albatross, which is 98 percent as wonderful, and doesn't come back to you as far...which is better for some bikes.

Set-up tips:

• If you like the height and straight part but don’t need the grip so close, cut off 2 inches. This works either with bar-end shifters, or thumb shifters on the inside of the downramp.
• Limit your grip to 110mm long, and pull the brake levers back to it, to free up handspace before the downramp.

If you have cork grips, you have at least two shortening options:

The Bosco Bar is the most multi-position handlebar we’ve used, and like all of our bars (except the Dove), it's bar-end shifter compatible.

Context: Each of these passes EN Mtn handlebar tests. That's a crazily tough test to pass.

Since this bar is steel, please squirt some boesheild inside the bar and roll the goop around before installing it on your bike. It's probably not necessary, but it's easy, and blocks rust.
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