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Handlebar Tape - Cloth, Newbaums

Handlebar Tape - Cloth, Newbaums

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Sold one roll at a time

This goes on most of our bikes - it's unpadded cloth tape with an adhesive backing. Each roll is 10 feet long and you'll need two if you're wrapping an entire bar. Shellac it for weather-proofing and more saturated colors. Our favorites are:

Dark Grey/Grey with clear shellac

Dark Blue with clear shellac

Yellow with amber shellac

Orange/Burnt Orange with amber shellac

Grassy green with clear shellac

Maroon with clear shellac

Eggplant with clear shellac

If you want more padding, get a roll of normal cork tape or esi silicone grips, and wrap Newbaums over it.

 Finish it off with some of our hemp twine and you've got a great looking handlebar.

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