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Nebo Mycro Forehead light, twin pack

Nebo Mycro Forehead light, twin pack

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Forehead head lamp light NEBO Micro

For decades now the people who make bicycle lights have FOR THE MOST PART, avoided making a forehead light. Forehead lights are not essential, but they’re really useful if you ride at night, and..

• drop something off your bike and have to go find it
• are riding roads or trails with sharp turns, and your bicycle-mounted light shines straight ahead while you’re turning sharply into the snake pit
• you need to read your lock’s combination on a night-shopping trip, and you don’t have your phone, or don’t know how to call up the flashlight.
• you’re setting up camp/tent. Think a bike-mounted light’s good for that?

I’ve had eight or nine head lights in the past 10-15 years, but in October, 2023 I found a NEBO on a trout stream, and I swear to God it’s the best one I’ve ever used. Naturally they’d quit making the model I found, but we have the closest equivalent. It looks the same and is the same size. Oddly, you can’t buy just one, because it comes in a two-pack with two headstraps, that are stretchy and adjustable.

Some big box stores may have these for less, but we can’t sell them for less than this. We won’t. They’re a great deal—remember, you get two—and it’s a good thing to buy from the introducer, not the biggest bigbox or lowest internet site. These are well-made and worth it and rechargeable, and they come with that cord.

High: 250 lumens, for fast night rides. 1 hour
Med: 50 lumens, for riding on lit streets or any road at middlespeeds. 2 hours
Low: 15 lumens, for reading. 5 hours
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