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MKS Monarch pedal wings (side extensions)

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You don't need to have monstrous-wide feet for these to work for you, and it doesn't even help...but if you do, you'll certainly love them. My feet (Grant's) are on the wide side of normal, and I rode the 3D-printed plastic prototypes of these for a few months until I broke them. That's why these are aluminum. 

It's not so much that they're grippier, it's more like,they feel even better under your foot. Plus, it's nice to know that no matter how bouncy the trail or how oblivious you are, can your foot migrate outward and off. It's called psychological security.

But mainly, they just add a little good feeling to an already really good-feeling pedal, and in that sense, they're good for roads, too. Tiny pedals just don't make sense.

The black ones go nicely on black or silver Monarchs, and the silver ones do, too.

Longer bolts (16mm) included.

One set is good for a left and a right pedal.