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Mirror - EVT Helmet - Safe Zone - MUSA

Mirror - EVT Helmet - Safe Zone - MUSA

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EVT Helmet Mirror

Although we’re generally advocates of trusting god with your noggin, if you still wear a helmet, good for you, and if you want the World’s Best Helmet Mirror, a guy named Brett Fleming invented it.
His business is Efficient Velo Tools. He makes specialty shop tools and a few others, and this world-beating mirror is his only “consumer” thing. I don’t know Brett. Maybe we’ve met, but I don’t remember. I know we have mutual friends. But I’d heard about this mirror, read about it, got one for Rich here to try. It took him a few weeks before he put it on his helmet, and he raves about it all the time now. He’s always used helmet mirrors, and says this one is far beyond.
It’s big, light (1.5oz), easy to mount, and adjust, and locks in place. It is so groovy, so well-thought out, that on certain rides, sometimes, now and then…I’m going to wear one of my four helmets just so I can use this Brett Fleming masterpiece.
It sells for the same price everywhere. You can’t get turned onto it here and go dredging on Amazon for it.

We sell the "Traditional" mounting style, with zip ties and velcro straps.

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