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Medium HubbuHubbuH demo - in store pickup only

Medium HubbuHubbuH demo - in store pickup only

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This was our demo bike, but we're out of tandem frames now and so it's time to move this on. We don't have a box big enough to ship it so you'll have pick it up here. 

It's set up with a 65cm Tosco in front and a 55cm Bosco in back, two Brooks saddles, and some Rich built wheels. I (Will) have ridden less than five tandems in my whole life, but I can't imagine one more fun than the HHH. It's comfortable and easy (as far as tandems go) to just hop on and ride. If you want to ride it frequently, make sure your stoker is comfortable, make sure you have a way to carry stuff, and keep it in a readily accessible spot. 

Minimum saddle height on the back is 59cm, so it'll fit somebody pretty tiny. 

Minimum PBH (not saddle height) on the front is 85 and you'll have a tough time getting on and off. This size is optimal for captains with a PBH of around 88 to 95. 

Since this is a pickup only bike, you can come ride it around to make sure it'll work.

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