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Made just for us, to our exacting specs ("put a bunch of anise oil in it so it smells like licorice, and make it PUNGENT!") by Megan in Portland, and named in honor of Larry Olivier, who later became Sir Laurence Olivier, and then a little later, sometime after that had sunk in and was going stale maybe a few decades ago, the Queen said he could be Lord Olivier. She must have really liked the way he practiced his ol' craft.

There's only one Lord Olivier, and there's only one Lord Olivier's Liquorice soap. That's how they spell licorice in England. Pronounce it like it reads: "liquor...ice."

All good ingredients, organic to boot, stinky licorice smell because it has lots of anise oil in it. There is no other soap like this. None. Mix it with pine tar soap. Deliciously dark, earthy, heavenly soaps. It puts Dove and Camay to shame.

It's a 5oz bar. In the world of bar soaps, that's huge.

Organic ingredients:
coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, castor oil (from the famous castor bean), sodium hydroxide, beeswax, anise oil, & charcoal.

Since this is our first batch and we have just 19 of them to sell, we're not thumping it on the regular site. Only loyal BLAHG readers will know of it.

$Eight per bar, one per person until they're sold out. Then we'll get more by mid-NOVEMBER.

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