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Super fast and easy to use, and iprobably good enough for anything other than big cities with tons of pro bike thieves. Or, it can supplement a U-lock in those situations. 


I/Grant like that it doesn’t need fussing with. No uncoiling and readying like many cable locks. It’s not floppy like chain locks. It’s a strong cable covered with saw-resistant sheaths covered with rubber. It’s a four-number combination lock, and you can make up your own combination. (It comes with a 0000 combination, and take it from this bike professional—you can leave it at that.)


Long enough to fit over a decent sized pole and wheel and frame and even another bike.


Weighs a pound and three quarters, fits around poles and medium-sized trees. Fast, easy, good enough for daytime low-crime areas. 

Includes a plastic, frame-mounted holder thing or you can put it in your basket, bag, backpack, or coil it around your bars.

Steel-O-Flex 8963.9

3.9 feet long (120cm), 15mm diameter cable, 1.75 pounds (795 grams)

official name: Abus Tresorflex 6615C cable

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