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Light - Rechargeable battery - Cygolite Zot 450 USB

Light - Rechargeable battery - Cygolite Zot 450 USB

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Cygolite Zot 450 USB

Here's a fair assessment of lighting needs, in lumens:

200: In town with cars and street lights. It's not even marginal, it's PLENTY.

350: Unlit familiar roads or trails at speeds under 20mph. 

800: Faster than 21 mph in the pitch dark on unfamiliar roads.

But to sell lights to riders who are techies and have an unhealthy fear of buying the light that doesn't get FIVE STARS with over a thousand reviews, light makers have to pack lights with features that tend to complicate use. There's no way around this. Nobody will make a light that's simply ON, LOW, HIGH, OFF.

The ZOT 450 is our first choice for commuting, in town, and in fact most uses on familiar roads. The Metro 800 (lumen) cygolite is for fast riding on twisty, unlit, mostly unfamiliar roads and trails. 

Here's a phenomenon: If you've got 450 lumens and your buddies have 800  or more and you're "sharing" that light with them--like riding side-by-side--and then you're off on your own, the 450 will seem weak. It's not. Your eyes got accustomed to stadium lighting, and then when you're without it, like even looking away from the trail, your eyes can't adapt fast enough. It's better for everybody if nobody has an ultra-light. A good system is two 450s. Use one or both. Use one, and have the backup.

On full-moon nights when you're on open (not tree-covered) trails, you can get by without any lights, as long as you aren't sharing the trails with pedestrians or other riders. 

Like all such lights except the German ones, it has too many modes. Oh's still super.

Only 3" long (70 mm).

Modes and Run Times
-- High: 2 hours
-- Med: 3 hours
-- Low: 6 hours
-- *SteadyPulse (nightblink): 3.3 hours
-- DayLighting: 20 hours
-- TripleFlash: 20 hours

-- Walking: 65 hours
-- Boost (550 lumens!): 1 hour

Charge Time 2.5 hours.

Lithium-ion battery powered, good for at least 500 charging cycles.

Water resistant.

System Weight 70g---about 2oz.

USB to microUSB charging cord included.

  • 450 lumen bicycle headlight with 8 lighting modes engineered for use on roads and commuting
  • Built-in Enhanced Cycling Optics™ expands your field of vision with an extra wide and long range beam compared to typical lighting optics
  • Low profile, water resistant design only weighs 70 grams
  • USB rechargeable internal battery lasts up to 21 hours
  • Built-in 24/7 Safety Technology® gives you a powerful selection of 8 night and day modes (Boost, High, Medium, Low, SteadyPulse®, DayLightning®, Triple Flash, Walking mode)
  • SteadyPulse® mode alerts motorists with attention grabbing pulses while its overlapping steady beam constantly lights your way at night
  • DayLightning® mode emits powerful 350 lumen lightning-like flashes to highlight your presence in the brightest of daytime hours
  • Low battery indicator alerts you when a charge is needed
  • Headlight side light ports further highlight your presence
  • Light mode memory saves the mode you`re in before the light is turned off
  • Power lockout prevents accidental light activation
  • Versatite™ flexible mount conveniently attaches to handlebars including aerobars



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