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Soap, Pine Tar, Grandpa

Soap, Pine Tar, Grandpa

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Grandpa’s Pine Tar soap— one 4.25oz cake

 Most women hate the smell, most men love it. That's not us making  generalizations; it's just anecdotal evidence gathered from years of feedback from customers. The key word there is "most." 

Many washers use it to cure or appease skin problems, or as a contact lens wash; and besides all that, it also works well as shampoo for lots of folks (although one guy accused it of turning his hair into a matted mess; and one woman said it turned her hair to straw).

I/Grant like it, though. It never builds up, doesn't strip your hair of oils, but gets out the grease. Our best selling item by far, and at just $6 for a big, quarter-pound cake, you might as well try it.

Footnote for vegans/vegetarians: Grandpa's removed the tallow from their recipe a couple of years ago.


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