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Tire 700c x 33.333 - Jack Brown Blue, tough

Tire 700c x 33.333 - Jack Brown Blue, tough

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Our top road tire, made just for us by Panaracer in Japan. It's round, rolls great, and it fits our road bikes (Roadeo, Roadini) but not most others, because their forks are too short and skinny and the bridges in back are in the wrong place. The tread is an interesting checkerboad style that rolls like a slick but isn't as slick on wet roads.


BLUE has an extra strong casing, kevlar belt, and thicker tread, good for commuting and all-around riding if you aren't weight-obsessed.

GREEN is a "normal" tire without the extra armor. If you're not going to commute and you ride with carbon racer types, get it.  Both are made for us by Panaracer in Japan.

(The second photo shows the inside casing, and you can see the belt in Jack Brown BLUE. It's not super obvious, but it's there.)

The Green weighs in at 320g, the Blue at 400g.  

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