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Handlebar - Nitto Wavie bar

Handlebar - Nitto Wavie bar

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660mm wide with a 25.4 clamp area

750mm wide wavie coming sometime in 2022 (hopefully)...ooops, hopefully Dec 2023??  or maybe spring 2024???  or summer 2024????  May 23, 2024 finally in stock!!

Good for off-road riding, especially if you’ve been riding a straight bar and want something familiar but better. The Wavie Bar feels better because it sweeps back
more.  All flat.  Made out of Heat treated aluminum.

This bar won't work with bar end shifters or the Nitto bar plugs.

official nitto name - RBW32 B2524aa


alternate spelling tags: waive, wavy, wayvie, waivy, wavey, wayvee, wavee, waivee, wav-e, waivey

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