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Handlebar - Nitto Billie Bar

Handlebar - Nitto Billie Bar

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Billie Bar

It’s named after Will’s grandmother. We based it on the NITTO #352 (Albatross handlebar), but the Billie:

  • rises and drops less. This is not important.
  • flares more, but still not much. Also is not important.
  • is slightly wider. Where you actually grab is about the same, but it comes back more, so it has more room to get wide. No biggie again.
  • BUT: the straight grip area is 8.25 inches long—more than 2-inches longer than the straight part of the Albatross—so there’s room for a full-sized hand in front of the brake lever and thumb shifter. The Albatross has about one and two-thirds hand grips, which is good enough, but the Billie has two full ones, which is gosh-darned wonderful for off-the-saddle climbing or sprinting, or just fast seated riding.



You can cut up to 15mm off the ends (if you want to..) and you’ll still have room for bar-end shifters. If you cut off more than that—for whatever personal quirky reason you might want to—stick with thumbies.


Overall: Excellent for everything. It can use a 2cm to 5cm longer stem than the Albatross—because it comes back more—but they’re both upright bars, no big deal, you’ll love it anyway.


heat-treated aluminum


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