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Gransfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet 415



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415 Wildlife Hatchet 415: 13.5 in. x 24oz
Assuming you’re down for only one hatchet, get this one. It’s the same 24oz as the 413 Hand Hatchet, but at 13 ½-inches, it’s three-inches longer, which makes it two-handable when you really, ideally, should be using a bigger tool. It’s still small enough to carry, but we’d put it at the outer limit for a bike camper or hiker.

Gransfors Bruk is a tiny hatchet maker in Sweden, and makes the best ones in the world. They have hickory handles and forged steel heads, and each of the too many models is made and signed by a single hatchet-maker. Gransfors axes are equal at least to any made.

The most grandiose mistake you can make, as the new owner of an impressively & professionally sharpened ax, is to be afraid to dull it with use. If the ax maker knew you were going to buy something to hang over the hearth, he’d have taken a lunch brake instead of making your ax. These ax heads keep their sharpness well, and more important than that, they sharpen easily. You’ll never become a razor-maker unless you sharpen a lot, and you won’t wreck your ax by crappy sharpening, unless you’re world-class that way. Use, use, use…sharpen…use a lot more, sharpen again.

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