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Gransfors Bruk Coffee Table Book

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It’s an 11’ x 11” x 110-page full-color hardback written by the Gränsfors Bruk people about their ax shop, which I have been to, and let me tell you, it seems like a movie set for ye olde axmakers. It’s a red and white bucolic complex (three buildings) with a 25-foot wide stream flowing behind it, and an ax-throwing target out front, for lunch-breaks, after work, and visitors—which, thanks for asking, I nailed perfectly with my first throw, a two-rotation over-the-header with a monster double-bitted  two-hander made about 60 feet away. 

Anyway, the book is a classy masterpiece that tells the history of GB, stuff about the ax makers and ax-making operations, and will give you a look inside their whole ax world. Beautifully photographed, mostly in color, all appropriately gritty, with sweaty, slightly greasy, stubbled faces and hands and all. This book will, for sure, make you feel like you underpaid for your ax. An ax is so basic, has been around since the stone age. Gränsfors Bruk makes the best, and this book will make you glad you own one. Obviously a good old companion gift along with the ax.