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GOAT GLOVES, the G.O.A.T. gloves

GOAT GLOVES, the G.O.A.T. gloves

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If you know you want them, skip this blather and go down to the sizing.

Most recreational cyclists wear gloves because they’re relatively cheap accessories that flesh out your kit, and they protect your hands in a crash. As risk-compensation factors go, they’re minor violators, and when you’re not crashing, you can wipe your face-sweat off with them, or scratch a face-itch. Even summer gloves like these goat ones add noticeable warmth on barely chilly rides.

All riders wear warm gloves in cold weather, but warm weather is another ball of wax, the kind of ball of wax where some people don't want the extra layer of poof and cush between hands and handlebar. 

These are the only bike gloves we're aware of that are unpadded, and for most riders most of the time, they’re better for it. Goat leather is thin and tough, so your hands are good in a crash, but you still get a good hand-lock on the bars, a good tactile connection with the bike that you don’t get with padded gloves. It may be a personal preference thing.

 If you don’t wear gloves, try these. They’re too thin to hate. They wash well, too. Warm, in the machine, air dry, then put them on and they’ll fit again. 


Different from our padded cow gloves. Several of us here measured our hands exactly the same way and under supervision (extra strong vision), and the results, FOR WHAT THEY'RE WORTH, are here:

Glove expert           PALM circumference at widest point               Preferred size

James                         21.5mm / 8.46 inches                             SMALL

Sergio                            same as James                                     LARGE

Antonio                      22.5cm / 9 inches                              SMALL, MED, LARGE

Will                               same as Antonio                                       MED

Vince                       23.25cm/ 9.15 inches                              MED-LARGE

Grant                       23.5cm / 9.25 inches                                 LARGE

We also have XS and XL, and you can extrapolate from this and figure that out for yourself. We didn't consider finger circumference between palm and first knuckle, but If your fingers are fat there,  go the next size up. 

Finger length isn't a factor in fingerless gloves. Looseness isn't much of one, if one at all, in bike gloves—and a little loose makes them easier to take off. These will stretch. Basically, sizing these gloves is basically what we'd call "a safe crap shoot."

Undyed, vegetable-tanned leather, with 85 percent organic cotton backs, and ironically this first batch was packed in plastic.

Yes, machine washable. They may shrink a bit, but I/Grant have washed my LARGES a few times, always air-dried, and they haven't stopped fitting.


(Jim Porter of Merry Sales/SOMA did the heavy lifting on getting these made just perfectly, the way we wanted.)

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