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German Mirror

German Mirror

The best bar mirror ever was made by Rhode gear, but they don't make it anymore. Nobody who has one, even a 20-year old one, will sell it for $50, because it's just one of those SO GOOD things.
Well, this one is 95 percent as good & is still being made in Germany.
It mounts onto any handlebar, easily. It even mounts to forks. It keeps its place, it offers a clear view of what's bearing down on you from behind. It takes NO getting used to. It doesn't interfere with your riding, your hand position--at least not more than 1 percent, and for the benefit it provides, that's nothing. It weighs less than 2 ounces.
Maybe you figure if you want to see behind you, just turn your head. That's one way, but you probably don't apply that Zenny rule to driving a car, so why on a bike ridden in traffic?

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