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Frame - Last of the 47cm Roadinis

Frame - Last of the 47cm Roadinis

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The Roadini is an all-around, all-weather road bike. It gives up nothing to modern extreme bikes on smooth, ideal roads, and is far better in every way when conditions are crappy. It has the classical clearances of the oldies, higher quality overall construction, is more comfortable, and rides like a Rivendell.
The 2022 50 to 61cm frames fit tires up to 42mm, or 38 with a fender.

Frameset comes with an FSA Duron 1" threaded headset and 26.8 Kalloy seapost. 

Colors are RBW Orange and Mermaid -- 2022 Roadinis.

Full Roadini Geometries: 47cm - XS
*This sizing assumes you’re not comfortable on a modern road bike with a “bike shop fit.” But if you’re a young gumby and like lowish bars, you can ride down a size. A Roadini has the bar-height of a much bigger typical modern bike—so it’s more comfortable.
Compatibility: Quill stem, 1-inch threaded headset (30.2 x 26.4), 130mm rear wheel, 31.8 front der., 26.8mm Seat post. The Tektro R559 is a good choice. 

If up to now you’ve avoided road bikes because they’re so weird, extreme, and expensive, now there’s one that isn’t!


Ever since our demand has increased, people tend to buy frames only to decide later whether they actually want it or not. It's an impulse we understand but it sometimes prevents someone who's absolutely sure they want one from getting a frame, and when people do cancel, we can't just re-stock it on the website because restocking just one frame alerts the 20 odd people who are on the back-in-stock email notification list, and the bummer cycle of missing out repeats itself. So we're implementing a 10% cancellation fee on these frames.




Frame shipping is automatically set at $87 within the lower 48 states.

This rate may be adjusted depending on the actual rate at the time of shipping. 


Bike orders will default to $250 to the lower 48. If your actual shipping price is more, we will reach out to you for an additional payment.



The front height of this crown happens to be 19mm. With a std vertically centered hole, both numbers would be 9.5mm. You want that extra 3.5mm to be air, not fork crown, so when you try to stuff a slightly bigger tire or a fender under there, it hits air and fits and rolls on through. it’s not jammed up against the underside of the fork crown. It's basic, not so hard to understand, but I've never seen a low-offset hole on any crown that wasn't ours, and that is insane.

The ball-and-socket seat stay joint eliminates shear forces and adds strength. The main shoreline of the seat lug is familiarly Rivendell, the same-ish swirls and all, and like all Rivendell seat lugs, it has other obsessive details that — well, if you’re going to make it from scratch, might as well be there—

The large, raised and reinforced stress relief hold reduced to basically impossible the chance of repeated tightenings causing a stress crack at the bottom of the slot. Admittedly, it’s not a common occurrence, but we’ve seen it happen on other bikes half a dozen times. We make it maximally crack-resistant on our seat lugs because our showroom bikes get tightened and loosened and retightened with ever test ride, every slight difference in saddle height. On your bike, maybe you’ll do it a few times in the fussing, so our O-hole is overkill, but it’s also a nice visual detail.

The seat binder area is reinforced with unpinchable steel. As with the O-hole, it makes our lug impervious to repetitive stress.



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