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Fishwife Tinned Fish, $10 to $14

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Somebody who knows I like canned fish gave me a can of Fishwife Fish, and I’ve been obsessed since (it’s been two weeks). It’s basically billionaire’s fish, because it costs so much, but the boxes are interesting, too. If you like sardines, mackerel, salmon, artistic boxes, responsibly sourcing, and the idea of buying from a woman-owned company, then try a can. It’s the only fish on earth that puts your favorite ice cream to shame.

These are the lowest-margin items we sell. We are stocking them as a gustatory favor! We won’t necessarily keep them as a regular item. You can buy them at Whole Foods, too, but we have a better selection than the local Whole Foods does. Since we sell only whole-dollar things, we looked at the MSRP and rounded down to the nearest dollar. Look at the boxes if you are curious about the details.