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Important: You need this adapter to make these work on your single-hole Nitto rear racks. These lights have two bolts spaced 50mm apart. That's the standard on Tubus, etc racks. Nittos just have one.

Wires to a compatible 3W dynamo headlight/hub. Wires not included. But we have them.

This is maybe the best DYNO powered rack mount tail light you can buy right now. We have the battery powered version too. The "Line" technology is tough to explain but this picture should help:

So instead of an LED blasting straight ahead, it's reflected and focused in a precise way that makes it a flat beam:

You're not a speck of red light but a fat bright line, which helps depth perception for drivers. You have to see it in the dark to really get it. Only the top portion of the light contains the LEDs, the bottom 3/4 of it is a big sophisticated reflector.

Fun fact: In Germany B&M has dominated the rack mounted tail light market for so long that their name "TopLight" is synonymous with rack mounted tail lights in general, from any brand. A synecdoche!

They have cheaper versions but we won't stock them. As with all our Euro light products the instructions are in German but it's all simple to understand.

Comes with no wires. We sell the nice Schmidt set though.
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